Dace is born a champion outstanding brilliant female that was retained as a baby to become a future mom.
Her parents “Stevie” and “Petra” definitely marked her with all the winning, outstanding qualities we insist upon. This includes champion pure bloodlines. big expressive eyes short pointed ears, lovely small muzzle, short flat back, and flawless legs. Dace’s main goal in life is to please. She loves lots of attention and rewards you for it.
Her first litter was born on January 4, 2022, coupled with Ruble proves she has impeccable amazing babies.
Her offspring like all other litters from different Dams and Sires have certified pedigrees, D.N.A., and are A.K.C. registerable.



Ivy another daughter of Ivanka and Stevie was held back in 2019 to mature and become a first-time mother in March 2023. Ivy like several others possesses all the redeeming qualities we demand of our present and future parents.
Ivy is Miss Socialisation and a look at my outgoing personality.
Her lovely stunning face and body prove her ancestry is of superb quality. Ivy is super intelligent with a confident attitude.


“R Bar C’s Winning Colors” “Winnie” is a proven mom.

She has excellent temperament, pedigree, conformation, and color which is platinum now that she has matured. She has had small babies, as did her parents and grandparents.  R Bar C’s Winning Colors” is registered and of Czechoslovakian descent.


Consisting of four A.K.C. registered Russian bloodline-bred girls. Their pedigree speaks for itself as they possess multitudes of Championships for generations in their pedigree.

“Ivanka”, “Inky”, “Petra” and “Yani” were imported from Russia starting in April 2017
to become future moms. Their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great
grandparents are all several times CHAMPION and BEST OF SHOW in many
different parts of the world


“Inky” is our last imported addition to our family. She possesses the highly sought-after pedigree here in the U.S. and Russia’s “STRIBRNE PRANI ” heritage. Inky is our mischief maker while expressing her amazing intelligence, and willingness to please us and her family of canines. She truly believes she was put on earth to be a good family member and socialize. Again she has all the outstanding qualities we have sought to become a future Dam. She has that brilliant jet-black coat that is usually passed on to the offspring.


This beautiful well-bred little lady will be exposed in 2020. Her offspring will be small and sweet-natured like her, possessing excellent conformation, silky coats, large soft eyes, short muzzles, and a zest for life.


Her alias is BUBBLES because of her bubbling personality that grips your heart.  PETRA has one goal in life and that is to please you and socialize with her companions. She is truly a beautiful girl inside and out.


“JUDGELIS USI-PUSI (RUSSIA) “IVANKA” was bred by “STEVIE” and had a liter on March 2, 2020.  All puppies have been adopted.