This is Sara Daniel. She is an 8-year-old young lady with her puppy “Clever” who is now 15 weeks of age.

Sara & Clever

Almost 2 years ago, our Daughter started asking for another dog. See we have a black lab named Brutus Maximus and he is such a great dog!  He’s a big dog!  Isabella loves him so much and he loves her back!  However, she still wanted another dog… a lap dog as she kept saying.  My husband and I both kept telling her no, secretly I was saying yes on the inside. Last December (2017), Albert finally gave in and said “let’s do it.  Let’s get her another dog for Christmas!”  So here we go looking for a small dog at the hardest time of the year to find one.  Months before we asked Isabella what kind of “lap dog” was she wanted.  We looked through some photos and she kept going back to a Yorkie.  So here we go on December 19th googling trying to find one. I came upon a website – and contacted Carrie hoping she would have any available.  I had a feeling my chances were slim to none however I was holding out hope!  She replied saying one of the buyers fell through and she had 1 girl available.  Carrie was very informative in her email with all the details I needed to know.  I called my Husband right away!!  I told him I found one and it was a little girl.  They were born on November 27th and will be ready to go home beginning of February.  As soon as he got home, I was off to see! The moment I got to Carrie and Richard’s house, I felt an instant calmness over me!  I knew it was meant to be and I hadn’t even met them yet nor seen the puppies.  Carrie met me at the door with the biggest hug!  She was so down to earth and I again felt a calmness over me!  Richard brought me the puppy once I was settled inside and tears filled my eyes.  She was the most precious thing I had seen in a long time!  I was in love… so so in love!  It was a done deal; I knew she was going to be ours as I couldn’t let her go!  I was able to meet Mom and Dad!  Carrie told me all about them.  Again, Carrie provided me with so many details. When I got home, I had the biggest smile on my face!  I couldn’t wait to show my Husband the pictures! Christmas Morning came….. the anticipation of her opening her stocking where we hid the collar we got for her with a tag on it saying “Hazel Grace” was at the bottom!  Let’s just say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when she found it! A few weeks later, we took Isabella to meet Miss Hazel Grace for the first time!  Isabella was SO EXCITED when we got there.  She was smiling from ear to ear the whole time.  Carrie brought the Hazel out and the look on Isabella’s face was a moment I will never forget!  Carrie was the sweetest as she sat next to Isabella telling her all about the puppy!  What to do and what not to do.  Isabella just smiled the whole time!  When she finally let her down they were more playful this time and even cuter than I had remembered.  Isabella didn’t want to leave. During the next few weeks, Carrie would send us updates and pictures of how Hazel Grace was doing. Isabella asked every day how much longer until we were able to bring her home! Finally, the day came!  It was time to go get Hazel Grace!  Isabella was so excited when I picked her up from school.  When we arrived to Carrie and Richard’s House and she couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.  Carrie had a folder for me with everything I needed to know about Hazel from the day she was born until that moment. She gave me food, treats, a bed, toys and so much more!  I know it was hard for Carrie and Richard to let one of their puppies go, I saw it in their eyes! I knew from that moment that I will forever hold a special place in my heart for both of them.  They were now and will always be a part of our family. Now the tables are turned.  I send her pictures and updates often on Isabella and Hazel Grace!  I’ve texted her a few times with questions, and she replies right away!  This gives me a sense of comfort knowing I can always reach out to her when needed. If you are considering a Yorkie, look no further!  Carrie and Richard went above and beyond with everything! You can tell raising Yorkies is a forever love for them and it shows!  I’m blessed that I found them!

This paper was written by Sara as a school project. It is so rewarding as a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers to have this match made in heaven for this beautiful little girl and her phenomenal puppy.

“CLEVER” and his family are presently in Singapore for two years. Clever is enjoying a new culture.

Susan and David Freeman
Victoria, Texas

Susan & Oliver

First of all, Carrie and Richard are two of the very nicest people I know.  I met Carrie via the telephone after we lost our beloved Yorkie, Bentley, after 14 + years.  I was grieving his loss and knew I wanted another Yorkie, but where to find one?  I searched the internet and found Carrie and Richard’s site.  My husband put in a phone call and when I spoke to Carrie, I knew right away that she was the breeder I wanted for a new pup. My husband and I drove to Magnolia from Victoria, Texas to meet with Carrie and Richard and meet the one available male pup they had.  It was love at first sight for us.  We met his birth parents, Ivanka and Stevie, and saw what beautiful and loving Yorkie parents they were, and decision was made right then and there.  We wanted that male puppy. I could tell right away that Carrie and Richard are not standard breeders, they are exceptional ones.  The love and care they give their puppies is exemplary.  We had to wait a few weeks before Oliver (that’s his name) was ready to come home with us.  When we picked him up it was like meeting with old dear friends.  He was so good on the two hour trip home with us to Victoria.  He settled right in when we arrived home and he played and had so much fun.  The first night he slept all the way through with no crying.  He is such a well adjusted little guy and I know that’s because he had such tender loving care from the moment of his birth.  Carrie sent Oliver home with a bag full of goodies, toys, blankets, dishes, a grooming brush, his food, and even some water from their house (they are on a well) to be mixed with our water so no tummy upsets. She also included Oliver’s baby book with all vet visits and records, photos of Ivanka and Stevie, AKC application and records, and instructions on everything.  Never before have I received such complete documentation from a breeder!

If you are looking for a Yorkie breeder, I cannot say enough good things about Carrie and Richard.  Their love and care for Yorkies insures a well adjusted and happy puppy for a lifetime of love.

Susan, Bill & Nikki

John C. Taylor, DVM

Jean Harris Moore