Susan & Oliver


First of all, Carrie and Richard are two of the very nicest people I know.  I met Carrie via the telephone after we lost our beloved Yorkie, Bentley, after 14 + years.  I was grieving his loss and knew I wanted another Yorkie, but where to find one?  I searched the internet and found Carrie and Richard’s site.  My husband put in a phone call and when I spoke to Carrie, I knew right away that she was the breeder I wanted for a new pup. My husband and I drove to Magnolia from Victoria, Texas to meet with Carrie and Richard and meet the one available male pup they had.  It was love at first sight for us.  We met his birth parents, Ivanka and Stevie, and saw what beautiful and loving Yorkie parents they were, and the decision was made right then and there.  We wanted that male puppy. I could tell right away that Carrie and Richard are not standard breeders, they are exceptional ones.  The love and care they give their puppies are exemplary.  We had to wait a few weeks before Oliver (that’s his name) was ready to come home with us.  When we picked him up it was like meeting with dear old friends.  He was so good on the two-hour trip home with us to Victoria.  He settled right in when we arrived home and he played and had so much fun.  The first night he slept all the way through with no crying.  He is such a well-adjusted little guy and I know that’s because he had such tender loving care from the moment of his birth.  Carrie sent Oliver home with a bag full of goodies, toys, blankets, dishes, a grooming brush, his food, and even some water from their house (they are on a well) to be mixed with our water so no tummy upsets. She also included Oliver’s baby book with all vet visits and records, photos of Ivanka and Stevie, AKC application and records, and instructions on everything.  Never before have I received such complete documentation from a breeder!

If you are looking for a Yorkie breeder, I cannot say enough good things about Carrie and Richard.  Their love and care for Yorkies ensure a well-adjusted and happy puppy for a lifetime of love.